‘Too Many Heroes’

Too Many Heroes Cover 3DWhere can a wanted man hide in a country full of returned war heroes?  

It’s 1952 and Frank Danby has been looking over his shoulder for the last ten years, forced to lead an itinerant life, getting work wherever he can while trying to keep one step ahead of the police. Returning to London, he finds a job in an East End pub, where he becomes entangled with Grace, the young and beautiful wife of the landlord. Then the law comes knocking. Facing a justice system prejudiced against him, Frank must find a way to escape the gallows.


‘Too Many Heroes’ is a gripping period thriller, exploring love, belonging and betrayal in a country still recovering from WW2. A must for fans of the post-war novels of Philip Kerr, Kate Atkinson and Sara Sheridan.

Available from Amazon as an ebook and paperback.

Paperback also available in the UK from Gardeners, Waterstones, WHSmiths and independent bookshops.


Awarded the coveted Readers’ Favourite 5-stars.

“Every page of this well written and fast-paced novel is deeply chilling and exciting to read. Author Jan Turk Petrie makes masterful use of the present tense for her narration, bringing us into the here and now alongside Frank in both his present and the recent past of the war. Unusual locations are cited for the novel’s setting, gving us a unique view of London in a time of returned heroes and supposed glory for the British as Elizabeth is poised to take the throne. The characters are rich and deeply expressive through effective use of dialogue, giving distinct personalities shaped by a world at war, and the necessity of survival in such dark times. Overall, Too Many Heroes explores the nature and cost of that survival, alongside prejudice and pre-judgments, and is a highly recommended read for period thriller fans everywhere.Reviewed By K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

“The book was so beautifully written and the characters so rounded and well developed that trying to slot it into a genre mould like “thriller” really doesn’t do justice to it.
A great story, a great read, a well planned plot and a clever ending all add up to a very memorable book that I thoroughly enjoyed.” 
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LoveReading Ambassador Jane Willis


Awarded ‘Indie Books We Love’ status by LoveReading.


‘Too Many Heroes’ reviewed by Publishers Weekly 20th Dec 2019. Read review here.